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This section provides an overview of the projects I have worked on or am currently working on. Some of them are private projects, some cooperations with friends or university colleagues, and some I worked on as a job, either as the main programmer or a co-programmer.


Bep Defender
Windows version3.9 MB2006-06-22Download
Linux version3.8 MB2006-06-22Download
TinT (Beta version)
Runnable JAR archive51.9 KB2006-06-22Download
Cell phone version (J2ME) (Coming soon)

Eclipse Plug-ins:

Grep Console 2.0.3
ZIP200.3 KB2008-08-17Download

Legacy Downloads:

Gravity (Amiga version)56 KB2006-06-22Download
Discus (Amiga version)217.1 KB2006-06-22Download
Autostart (Amiga version)29.8 KB2006-06-22Download
RemAssign (Amiga version)5.5 KB2006-06-22Download