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Interests - Computers

Ever since first using a C64 at the age of ten, I've been fascinated by computers. This is why you'll find several programs I wrote in the Projects section, as well as some additional stuff right here.

Starting out on my own C64 early in 1990, I've been using an Amiga 1200 as well as several MS-DOS and MS Windows PCs until switching to mostly Linux in 2003. You're likely to hear lots of great things about Linux from me, and about as many bad things about Windows. However, Linux isn't (yet?) the easiest system to use for everyone, and it isn't Linux' philosophy to dictate what software people should use, so I'm trying to keep my own projects as portable and platform-independent as possible.

My current computers:


The server. Pentium 2. Debian Sarge.


The laptop. Dell Inspiron 8600, Pentium M, 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB HDD, GeForce FX Go5200. Kubuntu Hoary Hedgehog. This was originally an Inspiron 8100, but the display broke after two and a half years. It was still covered by warranty, and after several failed attempts by Dell to repair the display, I got this replacement instead.


The multimedia PC, mainly used for watching DVDs. Athlon XP 1800+, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, Radeon 9100. Kubuntu Hoary Hedgehog.


The twin OS PC, for secondary tasks. Celeron 400, 256 MB RAM (?), ? GB HDD, Riva TNT. Kubuntu Hoary Hedgehog & Microsoft Windows 2000.


Palm Zire 71, 256 MB SDCard.

Old computers:

  • AMD K6/233 - my first own "PC"; later my first server
  • Commodore Amiga 1200, Motorola 68030/50Mhz, 6MB RAM, 340MB HD - this is where I wrote my first published program, a shareware audio CD player application called Discus, which can still be found at Aminet.
  • Commodore C64, floppy drive 1541