The Marian Schedenig Homepage

Interests - Music

Ever since I found a CD of the Charles Gerhardt-conducted Star Wars suite in my father's CD shelf in the summer of 1994, I've been a fan of orchestral music. Later the same year, I bought my first CD. These days, my CD collection is approaching the 1000 CD mark and I'm listening to music from Bach and Beethoven through The Rolling Stones and Mike Oldfield, with a special interest in film music. Favourite composers include Anton Bruckner, John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith.

After getting access to the Internet around 1997, I soon found the homepage of Filmscore Monthly and a little later started posting on their message board. Nowadays I'm a regular poster at and and still an occasional Filmscore Monthly visitor.

In 2004, I joined the Amerlingchor. In 2006, I created the choir's homepage, using a design by Max Rieger.