The Marian Schedenig Homepage


This section provides an overview of the projects I have worked on or am currently working on. Some of them are private projects, some cooperations with friends or university colleagues, and some I worked on as a job, either as the main programmer or a co-programmer.


Note: All my games are cross-platform and run on both Windows and Linux systems.

  • Max Fighter - an insanely fast, vertically scrolling asteroid shooter (Beta)
  • Bep Defender - defend Great Bep's castle against the hostile army climbing the castle walls
  • Gravity 2000 - use your mouse to avoid the balls you attract as long as possible (Beta)
  • TinT - TinT is not Tetris. Includes a network mode and a cell phone version (Beta)
  • Skydoo - a fast-paced 3D racing game above the clouds (Beta)