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Bep Defender

The Great Bep's castle is under attack! Already the castle's defenses have been breached. On the castle's parapet, the Great Bep himself makes his last stand. How long can he keep the hostile army at bay, armed with only a heap of bricks and a few tree trunks?

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


  • Simple gameplay
  • Dynamic screams
  • Hand-crafted, digitised animations
  • Tree trunks, courtesy of Christian Afonso
  • Cross-platform code, runs on Windows and Linux

State / Todo:

The game is essentially finished. When I find time to clean up the code, I will make a final release under an open source license.


Windows version:

  • Windows 98 or newer
  • OpenGL accelerated video card
  • Soundcard
  • All required libraries included

Linux x86 version:

  • OpenGL accelerated video card with installed drivers
  • libsdl
  • libsdl-image
  • libopenal
  • libexpat
  • libpng
  • libogg
  • libvorbis
  • libvorbisfile


Please refer to the Download Page to find Windows and Linux downloads for Bep Defender.