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Legacy Projects

Before getting my first PC in 1997, I created several projects on my old Amiga 1200 computer. These projects were commited to Aminet and hosted on my very first, now long expired, homepage - and can now again be found here.


A simple yet fun reflex game, played with your mouse. An updated PC version called Gravity 2000 also exists.

Click here to read a review (in French) of Gravity at the Obligement website.


An audio CD player application supporting synchronised subtitles, commodity functions and an ARexx port. Features a multilingual, compact user interface. Unfortunately, this was originally a shareware version and some advanced features are disabled in the free download.


A demon to add a customisable autostart feature to your system. Everytime a disk is inserted or removed, the demon will look for an autostart script for that specific volume and run it. Written in the days before CD writers became affordable, hence the tool does not support looking for these scripts directly on the inserted volume.


Used by Autostart (and included in the Autostart download). Removes all assigns from a specific volume, regardless of whether that volume is currently inserted. To tell the truth, I do not remember what "assigns" are, so I cannot give more information at this point...


Please refer to the Download Page to find downloads for these projects.