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Max Fighter

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You have a bad feeling about this: For only one brief moment you let your attention slip, and suddenly, you find your spaceship heading right into a vast asteroid field. Though it does not seem very dense at the outskirts, your board computer readouts make you doubt you will ever see the other side of it - and did your radar just pick up traces of pirate activity!?

Welcome to Max Fighter - an old-fashioned, vertically scrolling shoot'em'up that focuses on gameplay and excitement instead of hiding a boring game behind tons of effects. Yet, the game also features state-of-the art graphics, modelled and rendered by Paul Guerrero, as well as a rousing, original score by Christian Afonso.

Keep control of your spaceship as you go ever deeper into the asteroid field and the gameplay reaches breakneck speed. Shoot asteroids and containers and collect power-ups, shield energy and special weapons. And last but not least - beware of the pirates!

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  • Exciting, high-speed gameplay
  • Fully customisable controls
  • Two different game modes
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode
  • Power-ups, timewarp and seismic charges
  • Pre-rendered graphics
  • Rousing original score
  • Cross-platform code, runs on Windows and Linux


You can download Max Fighter from the Musgit Games website.