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How do you doo? Skydoo is a platform-independent, futuristic 3D racing game, currently available as a beta version for Windows and Linux platforms.


It was originally developed between March and June 2004 for the Computer Graphics 2 & 3 course at the Technical University of Vienna by Paul Guerrero, Florian Kleber and myself, winning one of the four "second" places in 2004's Hall of Fame. We do however hope to continue development to fix bugs and add more features, as four months are barely enough to learn how to develop a 3D video game and then create a working first version of what we hope can be a really fun game.

Skydoo was developed simultaneously on Windows and Linux platforms, using OpenGL, the SDL layer and OpenAL as the main libraries. This means that it is 100% compatible with Windows and Linux without the need to write separate code sections for the various platforms, and also that it should be possible to support more platforms in the future, e.g. MacOS.

The first official beta version of Skydoo features three different racing tracks, one and two player (splitscreen) modes, some neat 3D effects, fine 3D models by Paul Guerrero and cool menu design by Max Rieger.

Be sure to visit the official Skydoo homepage (see link section below) to get the latest version.